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Simple A5 Print box


The “Simple A5” Print box can contain up to 80 classic prints that dimensions are 15×21 cm (A5 size). There are two beige ribbons: outside – to keep the box closed and inside – to easily take the prints out.

There is also a space for an usb key – the smart ribbon system allows to place the usb of your choice.

The fabric is soft and has a subtil velvet/peach touch.

Dimensions of the box (outside): 23 x 23 x 3,5cm
Space inside for: 15×21 cm prints, up to 80 classic prints.
Space for usb key: 5,5 x 21 cm

IMPORTANT : The “Simple A5” box doesn’t include prints or usb key.

All boxes are handmade by me. It takes generally from 1 to 4 weeks to create your order. However, more the boxes you need, the time of creating them all may be longer. I always give you that precison after making your order so You know when to expect your packaging.

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Weight 410 g